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Terms and Conditions

  • Classes are payable monthly and in advance

  • Invoices will be issued by email on or before the first day of each month and will specify a payment due date. Payment must be made by this due date and failure to do so will incur a surcharge: For late payments over 21 days after the invoice due date, a £10 late payment charge will be added to your bill, and for payments 30+ days late, a £20 fee will be added. 

  • Sibling Discount & Unlimited class offer only applies if payments are made on time. If payment is not received by specified date, the invoice will be reissued minus the discount

  • There is no deduction for absence

  • All payments are to be made using the ‘Pay Now’ button sent with the invoice, or by bank transfer and labelled with the invoice number. Cash and cheques are not accepted

  • Any queries regarding invoices or payments should be sent by email 

  • Please speak to Miss Wendy with any financial concerns

  • If Shine Theatre School cancels a class, a ‘make up’ class will be offered in replacement

  • Two weeks written notice must be given if a student wishes to stop a particular class and/or leave Shine Theatre School. In the absence of this notice being received, two weeks fees will be payable in lieu


Medical Conditions & Student Information
  • All students must have a registration form completed and signed by a parent or guardian before participating in class

  • Please inform Shine Theatre School of any changes to or onset of any medical condition that may affect your child whilst dancing or participating in a class

  • Any changes to contact details for you/your child, particularly emergency contact and/or mobile telephone numbers, should be notified immediately

  • Medical information will be shared with teaching staff, and Matrons in a performance situation. 


Timetable and Classes

Shine Theatre School reserves the right to discontinue or combine a class with another should it be undersubscribed.


Student Code of Conduct

Shine Theatre School requests that all the students and parents/carers read, or are made aware of, and agree to abide by this code of conduct.


  • Shine Theatre School does not allow spectating in regular classes, and children that are not ready to dance without a parent’s or guardian’s accompaniment are invited to take part in one of our ‘Dance with a Parent’ classes until they are ready to dance unaccompanied

  • Classes held during the last week of each term are open for parents/carers to come along and watch. Closely supervised siblings are also welcome, though to ensure the safety and concentration of the pupils, parents/carers are asked to remove a sibling from the class should they become disruptive

  • Unless notified in writing to the contrary, Shine Theatre School assumes that all parents/carers accept that photographs/videos may be taken by parents/carers during these classes and in any performances


Photography & Social Media

Unless notified in writing to the contrary, Shine Theatre School assumes that all parents/carers accept that photographs/videos may be taken by Shine Theatre School and used on Social Media  or for advertising purposes.


Teaching Practise

From time to time, it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact in order to correctly instruct the pupil and allow the pupil to feel their body in the space. For training purposes photography and videography may be taken to assist a student / teacher in class. 


  • If pupils wish to take examinations, they must attend extra exam coaching which allows the teacher to polish the work to the highest possible standard. Exam slips will be issued and must be returned with the full payment for the exam. Exams are not always held at the class venue and will sometimes involve travelling

  • If a pupil’s attendance is not regular after they have been entered for an exam, Shine Theatre School reserves the right to withdraw that student from the exam. Refunds cannot be given for entry fee

  • It is entirely the principal’s decision when a pupil is ready for an exam or competition. 

  • From time to time there are performance opportunities whether it be in shows, festivals or being selected to take part in teacher training sessions. In the event of a show, this will be videoed and photographed by a reputable, DBS-checked company


Uniforms/Dance wear

Uniform items may be ordered via Shine Theatre School. An order form is available which should be completed and returned, along with the appropriate payment. Alternatively, you are free to source the uniform independently, but items must adhere to the published uniform list


Conflict of interest

Shine Theatre School is a dance school that offers many different styles of classes, with qualified and experienced teachers. Seeking tuition from another dance teacher or school that is not part of  Shine is against our ethos and is a practice that is considered unacceptable, disrespectful, unnecessary and a conflict of interest. Students who do wish to attend classes outside of Shine please give your two week notice to Miss Wendy that you will be stopping attending Shine so that classes may be pursued with other coaches. Most reputable dance and theatre schools operate under this policy.

If you wish to have private tuition from any teacher at Shine, this must only be arranged through Miss Wendy, and studio time with the teacher will then be allocated when it becomes available.


Choreography & Routines

All choreography and routines (solos, duets groups) are property of Shine and must not be used outside of Shine’s classes classes and events without Miss Wendy’s consent.

(Effective from 01/09/2019)

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