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Student Code of Conduct

Shine Theatre School requests that all the students and parents/carers read, or are made aware of, and agree to abide by this code of conduct:


  • Please arrive in good time for the beginning of class

  • If not able to attend class please ensure that Shine Theatre School is aware of this

  • Please remain outside the studio until the lesson starts

  • Please be dressed in the correct uniform with hair tied back, preferably in a bun

  • Acrobatic Class pupils must wear hair in a secure bun for health & safety

  • For safety reasons, jewellery is not to be worn, nor is chewing gum permitted

  • Owing to the flooring, dancing in socks is not permitted as it is too slippery

  • Please do not open the door or allow children/siblings to open the door during class. This is very distracting for the teacher and the children taking the class

  • Hanging or pulling on the ballet barres is not allowed

  • All pupils and their families are expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times and to show respect and consideration to other students, teachers and people within our venue. Gossip and putting students /parents/ families and teachers down is not something we welcome at Shine. This also applies to online activity. Supportive and positive is the way our school wishes to be as this makes for a happy experience for everyone. 

  • When outside class, all children/siblings are expected to behave in a safe manner at all times

  • Shine Theatre School is not responsible for pupils when they are not in class

  • Playing on the stairs and/or climbing on the bannister/landing area is strictly prohibited

  • Food and drink is not permitted in class

  • Good attendance is important for progression and development. Poor attendance can result in withdrawal from exams, performances and routines

  • Private lesson students should arrive 10 - 15 minutes before their class to warm themselves up.If a student arrives and has not warmed up, 10 - 15 minutes of the private lesson will be used to do this to ensure safe dance practice

  • Students and parents are requested to please pick up rubbish that is made by themselves and put it in the bins provided. Please dispose of hot food (from the chip shop etc) in the outside bin

  • Please leave the changing and waiting area as you would wish to find it

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