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Fees & Payments

Group Classes 
£4.00 - 30 minutes
£4.50 - 45 minutes

£8.50 - Combo Class

Private Lessons
£20.00 - 50 minutes


First child -  full price 
Second child - 10% discount 
Third child and more - 10% discount 

(first child is the child that takes the most amount of classes, or whose weekly fees are the greatest)


10% discount on all classes


There are no sibling or OAP discounts for private lessons or extra practice sessions for exams.

Discounts will only apply when monthly fees are paid on time.

Payment Terms

  • Classes are payable monthly and in advance, there is no deduction for absence

  • Invoices will be issued by email on or before the first day of each month and will specify a payment due date. Payment must be made by this due date and failure to do so will incur a surcharge: For late payments over 21 days after the invoice due date, a £10 late payment charge will be added to your bill, and for payments 30+ days late, a £20 fee will be added. 

  • Sibling Discount & Unlimited class offer only applies if payments are made on time. If payment is not received by specified date, the invoice will be reissued minus the discount

  • All payments are to be made using the ‘Pay Now’ button sent with the invoice, or by bank transferBank Transfer Santander and labelled with the invoice number. Cash and cheques are not accepted

  • Any queries regarding invoices or payments should be sent by email 

  • Please speak to Miss Wendy with any financial concerns

  • If Shine Theatre School cancels a class, a ‘make up’ class will be offered in replacement

  • Two weeks written notice must be given if a student wishes to stop a particular class and/or leave Shine Theatre School. In the absence of this notice being received, two weeks fees will be payable in lieu.

  • Shine Theatre School reserves the right to make changes and updates to the terms and conditions. Updates will be published on our school noticeboard.

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